Course: Badger Ecology, Survey and Habitat Management

The Species Recovery Trust

16th April (online) & 17th April 2024 (field session)

Cost: £110

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife

This course is aimed at anyone interested in surveying for badgers, including early career ecologists, conservationists and land managers. The following topics will be covered during an online tutorial and field visit:

  • identification and ecology of badgers
  • legislation protecting them
  • survey standards and techniques
  • mitigation measures and licensing
  • habitat management

This training day will be split into two sessions, an online tutorial which will cover the subjects above, as well as practical tips on habitat assessment, levels of disturbance badgers will tolerate, and the need for good surveys. The second session will be a session in the field, taking place at a Surrey location, where a number of badger setts are located. This main part of the training will focus on the practical elements of badger conservation – it will provide plenty of opportunities to search for and identify badger signs, and familiarise attendees with effective mitigation tools and habitat management.

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