Event: Timber Series: Site Visit to Timber Harvesting and Saw Mill

The Green Register

10:15 am - 3:30 pm, July 6th 2022


Cost: Various

Sectors: sustainability, carbon, climate & energy

The Green Register is offering a unique talk and tour that will explain how timber is sustainably harvested and processed.

Join us for this new series as we explore the journey of timber in construction, and look out for a fourth date in the series on the topic of innovating uses for timber, including news of the ASBP's ‘Timber Accelerator Hub’ set up with the aim of enabling more mass timber  construction.

Places are strictly limited so book early to secure your place!

Wessex Woodland Management Ltd is offering attendees a visit to one of their timber harvesting sites including a discussion on log quality, specifications and grading.

East Brothers Timber Ltd, located near Salisbury, will give a tour of the saw mill to show many of the processes on site such as log debarking and cutting together with timber kilning and the Rex Moulder in action “profiling”.

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