Event: Twilight Talk: Reducing the Environmental Impact in Light Fixtures

The Green Register

5pm - 6pm, 11th July


Cost: Free

Sectors: sustainability, carbon, climate & energy

The Green Register has proudly launched a new series of events. On the second Monday of each month, we’ll be running Twilight Talks - a relaxed and informal string of events on sustainable building matters to complement our regular training topics.

Each one-hour event will be FREE of charge and feature short talks from one or more speakers. With Q&A and discussion sessions throughout, everyone is invited to be part of the conversation.

The lighting industry in the UK is making inroads into the principle of reuse, repurpose and remanufacture before recycling. Manufacturers are addressing the issue of product deconstruction (putting the days of glued components behind us) and bringing back the old idea of simply 'changing the bulb' when the LED engine is exhausted. 'End-of-life' is being replaced with 'end-of-first-iteration' and we're imagining light fixtures having many iterations before they are finally consigned to the recycling plants.

John Bullock, director of John Bullock Lighting Design and editor of The Light Review will look at a number of initiatives that are being explored in the UK, both by UK-based companies and international manufacturers active in the UK.

John will be joined by Nigel Harvey, CEO of Recolight, responsible for the recycling of lighting waste under the WEEE Directive. He is one of the main instigators of the Remanufacturing initiative that is taking shape within the lighting community. Nigel will explain how he sees the original drive to recycle being transformed into a desire to Reuse, Repurpose and Remanufacture.

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