Course: Effective Bird Identification

Ambios Ltd

3rd October - 25th November 2022

Cost: £199

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

Are you looking for a job in the nature conservation sector, but lack practical field-based experience? Are you finding it difficult to build your wildlife knowledge and experience? Our interactive, online Effective Bird Identification course is designed to help.

Building on your current understanding of birds, this interactive 8-week, online course will enable you to explore how to become more effective with your bird identification, increasing your field skills and therefore enhancing your employability/continuing professional development. 

Through Ambios' online learning environment, experienced wildlife professionals will support you with live online workshops and additional learning materials. Practical tasks will also be set to help you implement this learning in the field. This course is part-time and can therefore fit alongside your work/education schedule. 

Being able to effectively identify birds is an important skill in the conservation sector. Ecological consultants might use bird identification to see if a protected species is on a given site; nature conservation charities might use it to show the public what species are around on a nature reserve and biological records centres and national species surveys welcome species records for their datasets.

Unique to this course: Ambios will send you a field notebook and the Collins Bird Guide to keep before the course starts.

This course was nominated for the Learning Technology Awards 2021.

Feedback from previous participants: 

“I really enjoyed the course and feel it would enhance my CV and help with future job prospects. I believe it is another very important string on my bow.”

"I just wanted to thank you again and tell you how great the course was and how much I hope and look forward to learning with you guys in the future. You are teaching the exact things I am interested in, in a way better than I could ever have hoped for"

“The balance [of different learning materials] was great and I always found myself excited to learn more and engage with the content.”

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