Event: Timber Series: Cross Laminated Timber - Insulating and Achieving Airtightness

The Green Register

June 7th 2022


Sectors: carbon, climate & energy, sustainability

Cross Laminated Timber construction has seen a vast increase in popularity in recent years and is providing a welcome shift from energy intensive traditional construction such as masonry and steel. Projects are diverse and widespread throughout the UK from multi-storey residential buildings in London to affordable housing projects on the Isle of Mull.

The UK is now in a unique position to capitalise on the success and momentum of these builds with more ground-breaking CLT projects completed and planned across various sectors including commercial, residential and educational.

The course is delivered by experienced trainers Niall Crosson and Neil Turner of Ecological Building Systems, as well as trainers Peter Moonen, National Sustainability Manager at the Canadian Wood Council; Stephen Barrett, Whole Life Carbon Project Lead Irish Green Building Council, Moritz Heinicke, Technical Assistant at Gutex and Michael Foersterm Engineer/Head of Applications Technology pro clima.

Ecological Building Systems are longstanding Green Register partners, experts in natural wood fibre insulation, incorporating intelligent airtightness and windtightness solutions as well as specialist fixing systems, focusing on how best to optimise the design and on-site delivery of truly high performance mass timber constructions.

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