Course: Introduction to QField (Online)

TCV Scotland

20th May 2022 [email protected] 01786 479697 Tricia Burden

Cost: £35

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife, environmental management

This online course is aimed at beginners who have never used QGIS and/or QField before, or those who would like a refresher

QField is currently only available on Android devices. A version for Apple is due to be released soon (their website says Spring 2021), but anyone who wants to use QField immediately, or wants to follow along with the course, will need an Android device. Any Android tablet or smartphone is fine as long as it runs Android 5 or higher. This is most Android devices, but you can check by looking at the device settings.

The course will be aimed at beginners who have never used QGIS and/or QField before, or those who would like a refresher. The course will teach people how to set up QGIS for common types of ecological surveys, including Phase 1 habitat surveys and protected species surveys, and how to use the QField app to carry out surveys in the field.

  • A morning session (approximately 10:00 – 12:30, with Q&A and comfort break)
  • An afternoon session (approximately 14:00 – 16:00 with Q&A and comfort break)

Although this course is aimed at beginners to QField, a good working knowledge of IT is essential.

What we will cover

The morning session will introduce participants to QGIS and QField and showcase some of the ways this software can be used for ecological surveys. Participants will learn how to set up a project in QGIS and create and format layers which will contain all types of survey data. This will include creating templates for Phase 1 habitat surveys using the JNCC mapping symbols/codes, designing and creating survey forms for species surveys, and setting up file directories for storing and exporting surveys.

The afternoon session will introduce participants to carrying out surveys in the field digitally with QField. Participants will learn how to transfer projects between QGIS and QField, how to use QField to collect different types of records, and how to sync completed surveys back to their computer. We will also look at basic ways to present your survey data in QGIS.

Course instructor - Jess Mason is the owner and lead Ecologist behind Acasta Ecology Services, and has worked within conservation and ecology roles since 2017. Jess frequently undertakes GIS projects for partner ecological consultancies, and provides a wide range of maps, figures and analysis to support ecological surveys and reports.

You will need:

A PC or laptop

A fully charged android tablet or smart phone

USB cable which connects your tablet/phone to the computer

A good understanding of file management

Before the course you will need to:

Download QField onto you tablet/smart phone, which can be downloaded from the Google Play app. More information about installing in can be found at:

Download QGIS onto your laptop/PC before the course starts (if you want to follow along with the tutorial), it can be downloaded for free at:

Cost: £35 (inc vat & Eventbrite booking fees)

This will be hosted on Zoom. The link to join will be sent out in your Eventbrite confirmation email and your Eventbrite reminder emails.

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