Event: Free Webinar – Climate Justice: Climate Change and Racism

Centre for Alternative Technology

Wednesday 4th August 2021

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Cost: Free

Sectors: environmental policy & campaigning, carbon, climate & energy

Join us for our new series of free online webinars focused on climate justice. On 4 August, CAT students, climate justice organisers and writers Jo Becker and Michael Lomotey outline the links between racism and the environmental crises, as well as highlighting theories and tools to help us explore more equitable and just futures. 

Our new free webinar series on Climate Justice features CAT Graduate School lecturers, guest speakers, students and graduates exploring the political, ethical and social contexts to the environmental crisis and how they all intersect.

Climate change and racism

The effects of the climate crisis are far reaching, but how they affect different communities globally varies greatly. Those who contribute the least to environmental damage unjustly and disproportionately suffer its harms. This injustice is a consequence of issues across social, political and ethical contexts, and it is only by considering these issues that we can address the environmental crisis successfully. 

In this webinar Jo Becker and Michael Lomotey will outline how structural racism results in marginalised communities suffering the worst impacts of the climate crisis, both in the UK and globally. 

To explain the links, Michael and Jo will look at power and privilege, concepts of inter- and intra-generational justice, and principles of equity in relation to the environmental crisis.

They will explain the theory and practice of intersectionality, worldviews and the Pluriverse, arguing that these are crucial to understanding and taking action on the climate crisis in a more just way. 

Michael and Jo will also highlight the work of Afrofuture artists, writers and filmmakers, looking at how Afrofuturism can help us explore sustainability and inspire radical climate solutions. 

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 Key information

  • Duration: 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes, including talk and Q&A
  • Start time: 7.30pm
  • Booking required (see below)
  • There will be opportunities to ask questions

Meet the speakers

Michael Lomotey defines his work around the human rights impacts of tourism, anti-oppression and climate/ecology adaptation. He is an RSA Fellow and a passionate organiser for social justice. Michael has just finished his MSc at CAT, where his dissertation focused on the intersections of oppression in the context of the environmental crisis. 

Josephine Becker’s work focuses on degrowth, environmental justice, and political ecology. She is a current student on CAT’s MSc Sustainability and Behaviour Change course, with her thesis exploring the values and imaginaries present in degrowth scholarship in pursuit of alternative futures. Beyond her studies, she is a community organiser, activist and podcaster (the Yikes Podcast), centring climate and social justice.

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