Course: Habitat Indicator Species (Phase 1, UKHab and NVC) - Grasslands

The Species Recovery Trust

June 17th 2021 [email protected] 01722 322539 Dominic Price

Cost: £87

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife

Habitat Indicator Species (Phase 1, UKHab and NVC) - Grasslands

A one-day course giving participants 

  • the skills and confidence to assess habitats, both in terms of type and quality.
  • the ability to identify indicator species 
  • an overview of some key Phase I, UKHab and NVC communities
  • a chance to do quadrat sampling and share ideas with colleagues
  • a chance to see a broad range of lowland habitat types including improved and unimproved grassland, calcareous grassland, and wet meadows

The purpose of much botanical survey is to tell us what is going on in the landscape around us – is it being over-managed, or unmanaged? Has the land been subject to agricultural improvement? What type of soil is it? Is it a habitat which is likely to support a wide range of species?

These courses cover the basics of habitat assessment, from Phase I and UKHab through to the very basics of the National Vegetation Classification system. In particular, we will become familiar with the key indicator species, which immediately tell you what sort of habitat you are in and point you in the right direction for final classification. We will look at a range of wet and dry grasslands, and look at how they can be identified using a range of key species. There will be discussion about Phase I methodology and use of target notes, the rudiemtns on the UKHab system and the application of the NVC to habitat assessment.

Whilst aimed at beginners, these courses are more likely to be enjoyed with a basic level of prior plant ID skills, and they form an ideal follow-on from the training courses earlier in the year.

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