Course: UK Wildlife and the Law

The Species Recovery Trust

Monday 29th March 2021 [email protected] 01722 322539 Dominic Price

Cost: £38.50

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

The UK supports a wealth of natural habitats and wildlife, and due to its rapid decline it is now more important than ever to protect and conserve these valuable assets. The legislative framework and policies ensure the rarest species and habitats are protected, but how is this implemented into real situations? Nature conservation law in the UK is made up of a complex myriad of international and national legislation, conventions, directives and policies, and on first glimpse can appear an impenetrable labyrinth. This course is an ideal introduction to those who wish to understand the basic principles of UK legislation, how to make the best of it and avoid the common pitfalls that come with this technical subject. 

The correct use of the UK law is vital to ecologists, conservationists, land managers and anyone interested in cherishing and protecting the countryside around them.

This tutorial will run through UK legislation, then use a series of different scenarios on paper to help you get to grips with them.

At the end you will be equipped to confidently understand the main and most relevant pieces of legislation relating to protected species and habitats in the UK, case law examples of where this has been put into practice, and outline implications of Brexit on Wildlife Law.

Holly Stanworth will be running the course through an online tutorial. With 11 years experience in ecological consultancy, she has first hand experience of comprehending the complex legislative framework in the UK. In addition to being a consultant, she is a Conservation Officer at The Species Recovery Trust and is very passionate about conserving our rarest and most protected plant species.

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