Event: Bringing the Barberry Carpet Back from the Brink

Field Studies Council

10th June 2020


Cost: £0 - £5

Sectors: conservation & wildlife

Virtual Meet Ups (VMUs)

The FSC have started running Virtual Meet Ups in response to the COVID-19 lockdown. These are free webinars about natural history and biological recording. We cover a range of topics from invertebrate identification to wildlife survey techniques amd we're also teaming up with other organisations to help promote their work and projects you can get involved with.

Bringing the Barberry Carpet Back from the Brink

We will have Fiona Haynes joining us in this VMU. Fiona has been a Project Officer for Butterfly Conservation since 2017 as has worked in the industry since 2003. As well as working on the Back from the Brink Project for the Barberry Carpet moth, she has been working to conserve the Striped Lychnis moth, Small Blue butterfly and the Wood White butterfly. The talk is a summary of the Barberry Carpet moth Back from the Brink project. It will give background to the autecology of the species, reasons for decline, and previous work to help the Barberry Carpet. It will also detail approaches used in the BftB project, successes and challenges.

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