Course: Dormouse Ecology

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Near Stroud, Gloucestershire
18th September 2019 01452 383333 Ellen Winter

Cost: £125

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife

Mick Peacey and Alan Sumnall share their extensive knowledge of licensed dormouse surveying. Includes dormouse ecology, conservation, and a field trip to the longest running dormouse nestbox monitoring site in the UK.

Course expectations

At the end of the course participants can expect to feel confident in the fundamentals of hazel dormouse ecology and surveying.

Over the day the course will focus on the following parts of the PTES training logbook:

  • Dormouse Ecology and Conservation Theory
  • Dormouse Survey Techniques Theory
  • Dormouse Survey Techniques Practical
  • Dormouse Habitat Management Theory
  • Hazelnuts: identify hazelnuts opened by dormice, wood mice, bank voles and others.
  • Nests: Recognise typical dormouse, wood mouse and bird nest
  • Handling: demonstrate how to approach a nest box and check for occupancy
  • Record keeping: demonstrate how to fill in all the recording forms used by NDMP
  • British dormouse classification and species identification
  • Hazel dormouse ecology
  • Protected species legislation
  • Dormouse habitat management and mitigation theory
  • Survey licensing (Natural England)
  • Survey calendar
  • Surveying techniques, measurements and data collection
  • Handling and animal welfare
  • Practical surveying using dormouse nest boxes
    • Design and construction
    • Optimal density, positioning and difficulties in practice
    • Nest box checking, handling and dormouse data collection
    • Equipment cleaning and sterilisation

This course contributes to the knowledge, skills and evidence needed to apply for a protected species license, but to obtain a license, attendees will need to train for at least a survey season and obtain the required two handling experience references.

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