Course: Treatment Free Beekeeping with Leo Sharashkin

Bees For Development

Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales
5 and 6 October 2019

Cost: £65 - £276

Sectors: sustainability, conservation & wildlife

A unique weekend on natural, treatment free beekeeping in horizontal hives with Dr Leo Sharashkin of Missouri, USA. You can attend either or both days. 

Saturday October 5  9.30am-4.30pm


On Day 1 we discuss how honey bees live in the wild and how we can mimic their ways in our managed hives. We cover the main pillars of natural beekeeping, and how these can be beneficially applied in any apiary. We talk about the importance of using local honey bees and the keys to successfully attract swarms to bait hives to start or increase your apiary. Then we discuss the concept of "ideal" beehives: what makes a hive bee-friendly (and beekeeper-friendly, too); advantages of very deep combs and horizontal hives, plus an honest evaluation of pluses and minuses of conventional and alternative hive models.

Sunday October 6  - 9.30am-4.30pm


On Day 2 we go over the entire yearly cycle of caring for your bees, in much detail. Spring colony build-up; natural and artificial swarming, propagation, and breeding; honey flows and honey harvest; successful wintering. We discuss the advantages and limitations of each management procedure, how it influences productivity, well-being, and health of the colony. We cover practical ways to limit beekeeper's intervention and how to make your apiary low-input and sustainable. We cover local nectar resources, how to take advantage of them and avoid sugar feeding. Finally, bee health; treatment-free beekeeping; and crafting and marketing premium eco-pure honey and many other products of the hive. You can have a few thriving colonies, or make a living doing natural beekeeping - and Dr Leo shows you how.

The price includes tuition fee, materials and tea/coffee. VAT included. Course fees from £65 to £276.

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