Course: Volunteer Training - Surveying for Window-winged Caddis Flies

Species Recovery Trust

Whitmoor Common, Surrey
8th May 2019 07581328478 Charlotte Carne

Cost: Free

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

The Window-winged Caddis Fly (Hagenella clathrata) is an extremely rare caddis fly. In England, it is now found in only two sites on the Shropshire/Welsh boarder, three sites in Staffordshire, and two in Surrey (Whitmoor and Chobham Common). It is thought to have declined with the drying out of its habitat, the encroachment of trees into its boggy habitat, wildfires, and the opening of tussock habitat by livestock trampling the ground.

The Species Recovery Trust is working in collaboration with Surrey Wildlife Trust to estimate how many caddis flies remain at the two Surrey sites and to assess how vulnerable the populations are. This will allow us to target our conservation work appropriately. It is also possible that the caddis fly is found at other sites in Surrey that have not been surveyed to date, and so we are also keen to expand our survey effort to other sites. 

To achieve this, we are planning to set up a long-term monitoring programme for the Window-winged Caddis Fly, and this is the main purpose of the volunteer day. We will teach you how to survey for the species and you will then be asked to carry out at least one survey each spring/summer and to submit your records to the Species Recovery Trust. This is a great way of becoming involved in protecting your local wildlife whilst also learning new ecological skills.

The course will start with an indoor session in the Surrey Wildlife Trust portacabin in Pirbright, where you will learn about the ecology and distribution of the caddis fly, and how to survey for and identify it. We will then head outside for a practical session where we will hope to find some caddis flies. This will take place on Whitmoor Common, a 10 minute drive from Pirbright. 

The training course will be followed by a survey day on the 13th May on Barossa. Attendance on this follow up survey is optional, but it will give you an additional chance to practice your survey skills. 

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