Course: Building Resilience Using Nature


Battersea Park, London
1st May 2019 0118 988 5688 Jackie Calvert

Cost: £135.00

Course code: BRN0519

Sectors: food, farming & horticulture, conservation & wildlife

The understanding of how mental ill health and mental distress affect many of us is becoming more acknowledged. Modern life appears to increase levels of stress and anxiety and the trend of increased mental ill health among young people is an agenda across society. Engaging with gardens and nature is evidenced to provide an opportunity to alleviate stress and leave people more resilient to experiences of mental distress. A lifelong connection to nature based experiences and interactions appears to result in healthier and happier people and the benefits of this connection can be related to the five ways of wellbeing.

You will explore how we can use nature based interventions and health promotional activities to develop people's resilience. You will explore current issues related to young people and the strategies to build personal affinity for nature including what a nature resilience programme would look like within a project context.

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