Course: Energy Provision (inc Renewable Energy)

Centre for Alternative Technology

Machynlleth, Powys, Wales
Mon 11th - Sat 16th March 2019 +44 (0)1654 704966

Cost: Waged £750, Low Waged/Concessions £700.

Sectors: carbon, climate & energy, sustainability

Join students on CAT's MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation to learn about how energy is provided in the 21st century. Understand the environmental and social benefits and limitations of what already exists, and which the better choices are for you.

Explore the different environmental impacts of renewables; their carbon emissions; the technology of different renewables, how they work and how to look after them.

During this week long course, you will develop an understanding of:

The need to reduce energy use.

How the uptake of renewables is affected by factors like: distribution, storage, supply and demand management, efficiency improvements, the market, planning processes, social and cultural aspects, governmental policy and financial support mechanisms.

You will explore these technologies in depth:

  • Wind
  • Photovoltaic
  • Solar thermal, Heat Pumps and District heating
  • Hydroelectric (including marine)
  • Biomass and Biofuels
  • Technological, Economic and Environmental Considerations related to other Technologies (such as Nuclear, Carbon Capture and Storage)
  • Distribution (e.g. the national grid) and storage options (such as batteries, pumped water storage), including their future potential.

You will also look at:

  • Resource availability and limitations
  • Policy and economics issues (using UK for example)
  • Planning, social and legislative aspects of energy provision
  • Energy security
  • Environmental impacts, waste implications and sustainability limits of low environmentally impacting technologies

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