Course: Bat Ecology and Conservation

Bat Conservation Trust

Juniper Hall, Dorking, Surrey
10th May 2019 020 7820 7169 Naomi Webster

Cost: £165.00

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife

"Essential to anyone interested in bats" 2018 Course Participant

This one-day course is designed for those new to bat work. You will be given a comprehensive foundation to bat biology, ecology and conservation. You will learn about the different UK species, range and distribution, bat conservation and threats, bat taxonomy, physiological adaptations, life histories, foraging ecology, life cycle, roosting requirements and bat identification.

Course content includes: 

  • Bat taxonomy
  • UK species, range and distribution
  • Bat species identification (in the hand) - with live bats
  • Bat physiology including adaptions to flight, echolocation, energetics
  • Life histories including life-cycle, mating strategies, pup development, roost competition and requirements, social behaviour
  • Feeding behaviour
  • Bat conservation and threats

Prior knowledge: None

Cost: £165

Discounts: £5 for BCT members, 10% multi-buy discount for 3 or more course places booked at the same time

£20 off combined price if also booking Using Bat Detectors

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