Course: An Introduction to GIS and QGIS for Beginners


Manchester, Stirling, Edinburgh
Various dates, see details 01786 476060

Cost: £500

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife


This two day course covers basic GIS concepts and the application of simple techniques and processes to analyse and interpret spatial data in QGIS. The course is most suited to delegates who are new to GIS or QGIS. The course is accredited by the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) and delivered by ILM accredited trainers. Attendance equates to 8 CPD points.

Locations and Dates


  • 11th - 12th February 2019


  • 11th - 12th March 2019


  • 17th - 18th January 2019

Pricing and Booking

  • Standard delegate price: £500 ex VAT. 
  • Early Bird and Bulk Buy discounts available. 
  • See booking page for further details and booking instructions:

Course Outline (Day 1)

Module 1: Introduction to GIS and QGIS

  • Fundamental GIS concepts
  • Coordinate reference systems
  • Open source QGIS software

Module 2: Navigating QGIS

  • Panels and toolbars
  • Bookmarks
  • Identifying features
  • Measurements
  • Plugins

Module 3: Adding Data

  • Data Source Manager
  • Delimited text layers
  • Web services
  • Themes
  • Multiple map views
  • Converting data

Module 4: Querying Data

  • Attribute joins
  • Select by expression
  • Select by location

Module 5: Styles and Symbology

  • Styling vector layers
  • Symbol creation
  • Saving and sharing styles
  • Labelling

Course Outline (Day 2)

Module 6: Manipulating Data

  • Create a new GeoPackage layer
  • Digitising features
  • Snapping
  • Attribute edits and field calculation
  • Advanced editing
  • 3D Visualisation

Module 7: Georeferencing

  • Adding raster layers
  • Georeferencer plugin
  • Geo-referencing techniques

Module 8: Processing and Analysis

  • Geoprocessing
  • Spatial joins
  • Spatial analysis

Module 9: Map Layouts

  • Print plugins
  • Designing maps
  • Layout Manager
  • Atlas generation
  • Dynamic text

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