Course: Beyond the Usual Suspects: Building Public Demand for Systemic Change

Common Cause Foundation

2nd October 2018 Emily Howgate

Cost: Price starting at £85, concessions available

Sectors: environmental policy & campaigning, carbon, climate & energy, conservation & wildlife

A values-based workshop for environment and conservation leaders, communicators and campaigners.

  • How can environment and conservation organisations help to mobilise public demand for ambitious change?
  • How can we reach beyond those people who already express environmental concern?
  • How can we inspire diverse organisations, even those with no environmental or conservation remit, to engage their audiences?

Common Cause Foundation is expert in applying insights from social science to address these questions. Come and explore the evidence base for innovative ways of working, and join us in seeing new opportunities and creating approaches that go ‘beyond the usual suspects’.

NGOs are increasingly recognising the opportunities to learn from social scientists about ‘what works’ to engage people - but often these approaches focus narrowly on quite specific behaviours. 
In this workshop we aim bigger!

Participants will learn how to employ insights about shared values to motivate the kind of movements that can create ambitious, durable responses to the environmental and conservation challenges our societies face. This work takes us to the root of sustainability problems, systemically addressing ‘common causes’ rather than focussing on single-issue symptoms. 

We invite environment and conservation leaders, campaigners and communicators to join us in this participatory event to co-create change.

What people say about Common Cause workshops:

  • “Such an important day, which supplied a real need, [and] ...made me focus on what is important in ways both personal and professional”
  • “…the best training course I have been on in my 12 year career. So helpful and interesting!”

Come and discover what led George Monbiot to comment: “In my entire career, this is the first time I've felt I can clearly see a way ahead: that's what the Common Cause analysis has done for me[This is] a strategic framework for action, with the capacity for translation into societal change.”


Vegetarian sandwich/salad lunch included, plus tea and coffee.  
(Any dietary requirements please pre-notify to

We want this event to be accessible. If the suggested ticket price is limiting get in touch and we'll work on a suitable solution or concession.

Complementary reports, which provide context for this work, are freely available from Common Cause Foundation, including:

Event kindly hosted by IPNLF

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