Course: Understanding Owls

Surrey Wildlife Trust

British Wildlife Centre, Lingfield, Surrey
6th September 2018 01372379523

Cost: £40/£52

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife

Gain an insight into these secretive nocturnal creatures. Join us for an afternoon talk about a variety of European owl species, including the three native to Surrey, before touring the British Wildlife Centre where you will be able to view these majestic birds eye to eye. 

There will be a classroom presentation from 13:00-14:30 after which you will be taken on a 2 hour tour of the entire British Wildlife Centre, including the other exhibits of fascinating native

Tutor - Emma Juxon 

A keen and enthusiastic naturalist from an early age, Emma has spent the majority of her life knee-deep, quite literally, in the natural world. Her passion for wildlife lead to a degree in Zoology at Aberystwyth University, fueling her to inspire others about the world around us. Since her degree, Emma has found herself focusing her interests on avifauna and surprisingly for Surrey, cetaceans. From working with the RSPB in the Midlands to the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology on the Western Cape, South Africa; if there's avian life she's in her element! In 2014 a scholarship awarded by the Enderby Trust took Emma to the other side of the world with Heritage Expeditions in search of rare and elusive species amongst the jewelled volcanic islands of the South Pacific. Scoring species such as Fiji petrel, Longman's beaked whale and the thought to be extinct Vanikoro flying fox to name but a few. For the past few years, Emma has been working offshore conducting marine mammal and seabird surveys around the world, something she still takes part in during her spare time, volunteering for ORCA. Now finding herself residing in the Surrey Hills, Emma takes great pride in being a part of the Surrey Wildlife Trust's Outdoor Woodland Learning team at Nower Wood, inspiring and enthusing naturalists of the future. 

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