Event: National Bat Conference

Bat Conservation Trust

University of Nottingham, Nottingham
7-9 September 2018

www.bats.org.uk nwebster@bats.org.uk 020 7820 7169 Naomi Webster - Training and Conferences Manager

Cost: Depends on day or residential package

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife

The National Bat Conference is the biggest event in the bat calendar and booking is now open! A weekend of exciting talks, workshops and a conference dinner (with ceilidh!) on the Saturday evening. The conference is an opportunity to learn about the new discoveries in the world of bat conservation, catch up with old friends and meet new ones. 


More details about the event will be released in due course, but the programme will include talks on:

  • Lesser horseshoe bat mitigation
  • Putting UK Woodland Bats on the Map
  • Whitenose syndrome
  • Surveillance, Epidemiology and Evolution of European Bat Lyssavirus 2
  • Autumn migration strategy of Nathusius's bats
  • Stackpole and greater horseshoe bats in West Wales
  • Assessing the impact of both localised structural features and landscape influences on bat populations using acoustic surveys

And address questions such as:

  • Surveying Trees for bats: can we do better?
  • Did the bat cross the road?
  • How well can the BCT staff dance at a ceilidh?!


There will also be a wide variety of workshops to choose from each day Saturday:

  • Sound Analysis for the Perplexed
  • Bat handling for Beginners
  • Autumn Swarming - next steps
  • Conflict and Stress in Bat Consultancy - How to minimise, manage and survive
  • Bat Social Calls by Sight & Sound (Definitely Sound!)
  • Understanding safeguarding for bat groups
  • Surveying trees
  • Best Practice for surveying bridges and viaducts
  • An overview of Titley Scientific Products
  • An introduction to Kaleidoscope Viewer (Free version) sound analysis software
  • Visualising and presenting all that bat data; the world beyond the spreadsheet.
  • Developing and organising a bat group, and engaging members.
  • Introduction to QGIS for bat groups
  • Getting the most out of Bat Sound
  • Approaching Media Engagement with Confidence


  • Bat handling for Beginners
  • Bearing Witness for Wildlife - Recognising, recording and reporting wildlife crime
  • Advanced Trapping Techniques
  • Emergency bat care for the non bat carer.
  • Infection control for high risk bats
  • Batty Crafts
  • An introduction to Anabat Insight Software
  • An introduction to Kaleidoscope Viewer (Free version) sound analysis software
  • Introduction to Sound Analysis
  • Data Protection - what it means and why you should care
  • Surveying for buildings for bats
  • Bats in Art and Culture
  • Batlogger and BatExplorer

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