Course: Nature Conservation Workshops

Ambios Ltd

Totnes, Devon
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Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

Widen your career prospects in Nature Conservation by joining us on our Nature Conservation Workshops. 

Bird Identification
2 day course: 22nd-23rd August 2018 / 21st - 22nd November 2018. Price £150.

The course will provide you with a ‘toolkit’ of bird identification techniques to enable you to begin or continue your journey with bird recognition. You will learn how to identify birds, making close observations to allow you to recognise different bird species. You will learn how to use binoculars, learn which bird characteristics to look for as well as how to conduct a simple bird survey. Please see website for more details.

GIS and GPS Biodiversity Mapping 

2 day course: 2nd - 3rd November 2018. Price: £150.

GIS and GPS technologies enable the mapping of species, which can be used as a practical management tool as well as for interpretation and promoting public understanding of nature conservation. This combined GIS-GPS workshop offers a unique insight into both technologies and how they link together. Please see website for more details. 

Countryside Ranger #1 - Getting Your Message Across
1 day course: 5th September 2018/ 28th November 2018. Price: £75.

Whatever your career you’ll need to communicate messages to different audiences. This training will discuss what makes good interpretation (from talks to walks to leaflets and static boards) and how technology can open up new audiences. It will cover how to give a successful live presentation, lead a guided walk and produce a design brief for a leaflet or interpretation board. Please see website for more details.   

These workshops are introductory tasters covering vital skills for nature conservation jobs and are ideal opportunities to uncover hidden interests and acquire skills that are highly desirable within our sector. There are also possibilities for extended engagement opportunities; such as volunteering and further training, Please see our website for more details.

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