Course: Habitat Assessment: Acid and Neutral Grasslands

The Species Recovery Trust

Richmond Park, Surrey
3rd July 2018 01722322539 Dominic Price

Cost: £75 (£65 discount)

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

The purpose of much botanical survey is to tell us what is going on in the landscape around us – is it being over-managed, or unmanaged? Has the land been subject to agricultural improvement? What type of soil is it? Is it a habitat which is likely to support a diverse and rare species?

This course covers the basics of habitat assessment, from Phase I through to the rudiments of the National Vegetation Classification system. In particular we will become familiar with the key indicator species, which immediately tell you what sort of grassland you are in and point you in the right direction for final classification.

Acid grassland is one of the rarest habitats in the UK, but as well as occurring in heathland and upland moors it can be encountered in the most unpredictable places, in amongst calcareous habitat and on post-industrial sites. It is inherently a species poor habitat and many field surveyors fail to notice it and realise its significance when it is found. This course will cover all the key indicator which inform the presence of acid grassland, as well as looking at neighbouring neutral and semi-improved grasslands for comparison. It will primarily deal with grass identification as the most constant components of this habitat type.

While aimed at beginners these courses are more likely to be enjoyed with a basic level of prior plant ID skills, but there will be ample chance to get to know the species in the field.

Tutor Dominic Price

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