Course: Mauritius Ocean Adventure

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Various dates Jo Eames

Cost: £975

Sectors: environmental education, conservation & wildlife, marine conservation

Discover tropical marine ecosystems on an Ocean Adventure combining water activities with marine biology and conservation learning. The one week field trips immerse you within the wonders of this natural world and will help you gain an understanding of the importance and beauty of incredible marine habitats, plants and animals. Ocean Adventures are led by qualified marine biologists and the activities are instructed by certified local professionals.

Join us on an Ocean Adventure in Mauritius to:

  • Be amazed by the rich marine life on a reef when snorkelling and scuba diving amongst colourful fish and delicate corals
  • Understand the importance of mangrove trees to land and sea when kayaking under the canopy
  • Watch dolphins and experience them interacting in their natural habitat
  • Be educated and entertained by these activities and more...

    Each day will include a variety of activities exploring the varied marine environment of this outstanding tropical paradise. Mornings and afternoons will be spent outdoors on the beaches and swimming in the clear ocean. Whilst the evenings will be enjoyed at home enhancing our knowledge learnt that day and preparing for the next.

    Ocean Adventures run for various weeks throughout UK school holidays and are specifically designed for 13-17 years, when you begin to make your own decisions and form opinions. By joining we offer you the ability to choose an environmentally-friendly approach. No previous experience is required.

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