Course: MSc Decarbonisation

The University of Bath

Bath, Somerset
October 2024

Cost: £12,800 (home students); £28,300 (overseas students); PG Dip, PG Cert and part time options also available

Sectors: carbon, climate & energy, environmental policy & campaigning

Written by: The Faculty of Engineering and Design at the University of Bath

New for 2024, the University of Bath introduces our brand new MSc in Decarbonisation – a specialist master’s to help lead organisations and society towards a net zero world by developing the knowledge and skills to deliver decarbonisation initiatives with real impact.

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In the face of a climate emergency, reaching net zero is imperative for organisations, and decarbonisation plays a crucial role in this journey. We must adapt quickly to the complexities of reducing carbon emissions across practices, processes, and technologies. This challenging transition creates an opportunity for a new kind of workforce – climate-literate graduates who can apply technical, managerial, and strategical skillsets to decarbonisation projects.

Our course focuses on developing your knowledge in the areas employers highly value. These include systems thinking, critical analysis, creativity, collaborative and interpersonal skills to lead organisational and sustainable change.

We provide flexible, hybrid options to learning (subject to visa requirements) so if you can’t always be on campus, you can still engage fully and build valuable remote-working skills. It also allows us to reduce our course’s carbon impact.

Fight climate change. Develop the skills to deliver decarbonisation initiatives with real impact and lead organisations towards a net zero world.

If you’d like to find out more, you can visit our course page and apply now or book a one-to-one with our Decarbonisation MSc academics.

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