Event: Species ID Skills Virtual Symposium

Biological Recording Company

20th June 2024

Cost: £1 - £25

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

Species identification skills are essential for taxonomists, museum collection managers, biological recorders, conservationists and ecologists. The ability to accurately determine plants, animals and fungi to species level ranges from relatively easy for some groups, to highly technical and specialised in others.

This Species ID Skills Virtual Symposium will bring together conservationists, environmental educators, biological recording schemes and more to discuss the challenges and opportunities relating to developing species ID skills in both professional and non-professional audiences. We'll explore how training, ID guides, assessments and emerging technologies can be used to develop these skills in both professional and non-professional audiences.

The presentations will be recorded and shared with those who booked alongside Q&A transcripts and relevant links following the event via a password-protected website.

Speaker Programme

This event will feature four presentations, each followed by Q&A sessions:

  1. BioLinks: Developing Structured ID Training Pathways for Invertebrate Groups with Keiron Derek Brown (Biological Recording Company)
  2. What is it? Developing Biodiversity identification Resources with Dr Rebecca Farley-Brown (Field Studies Council)
  3. The Field Identification Skills Certificate: Assessing Botanical ID Skills with Dr Chantal Helm (Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland)
  4. Speaker 4 details coming soon...

Ticket Fees

This event is unfunded and we rely on ticket fees to cover the costs of running the event. However, we did not want cost to be a barrier to attendance so we are letting you decide what you can afford to pay to attend.

  1. Professional Ticket - Ticket price is £25. Ticket option for those attending in a professional capacity as part of their work or for their career professional development.
  2. Non-professional Ticket - Pay what you can afford (minimum fee of £1, recommended donation £10). Ticket option for non-professionals such as volunteer biological recorders, conservation volunteers and citizen scientists.

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