Event: How Can We Use Sound to Measure Biodiversity?

Biological Recording Company

9th July 2024

Cost: Free

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife

Bioacoustics is a cross-disciplinary science that combines biology and acoustics, using the sounds produced by animals to investigate their biology and ecology.

Sound recorders can be positioned within a habitat to record the calls produced by birds and other animals, and these recordings can be analysed to establish their behaviours and which species are present. Artificial intelligence and evolving hardware are helping us to push the boundaries of what we can use this technology for, with the potential to use bioacoustics to establish species abundance and overall ecosystem health on the horizon.

It can be used for short and long-term measurements of biodiversity, including how species richness changes through the seasons and over the years. It also helps understand how birds are using a site, for example using bioacoustics to look at the site preferencesof Skylarks.

A bioacoustics specialist will introduce how the science of bioacoustics is used to monitor and measure biodiversity, delving into the current limitations and potential applications. We'll then hear a case study from a conservationist who is using cutting-edge bioacoustics to monitor and conserve the birds across their sites.

The live audience will have the opportunity to submit their questions to our speakers in a panel discussion following the presentations.

The presentations will be recorded and shared with those who booked alongside Q&A transcripts and any relevant links following the event.

This event is being delivered by the Biological Recording Company in partnership with Wilder Sensing.

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