Event: The Buzz Club: Citizen Science Virtual Symposium

Biological Recording Company Ltd

16th May 2024

Cost: £1 - £25

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

Gardening is a popular pastime, but not one that we do alone. Whether hidden beneath the soil, buzzing in the borders or singing on the fence, thousands of wild animals share our spaces. They provide vital support to our own horticultural successes - yet we know very little about most of them!

The Buzz Club intends to change that. It is a citizen science club, run by scientists at the University of Sussex. Citizen Science is a way of conducting research in collaboration with the general public. The Buzz Club creates experiments that help us understand the wildlife we share our gardens with, and what we can do to conserve it. Volunteers all over the UK help the Buzz Club to answer these important questions.

‘The Buzz Club: Citizen Science Virtual Symposium’ will showcase the successes and lessons learnt by the Buzz Club, using their large portfolio of citizen science projects as case studies. We’ll delve into examples that have formed part of PhD studies and how various studies are linked or have fed into one another.

This event will take place between 10:00 and 13:30 on Thu 16 May 2024 and be hosted by Professor Dave Goulson and feature presentations from the Buzz Club team that focus on the origins, engagement, scientific outputs and lessons learned of this citizen science programme.

  1. Introduction to the Buzz Club with Prof Dave Goulson
  2. When Is Citizen Science A Useful Approach? with Dr Beth Nicholls
  3. Spreading the Word Using Citizen Science: Hoverfly Lagoons Project Case Study with Dr Ellen Rotheray
  4. Bee-hind the Bees and Heatwaves Project: Lessons Learnt from PhD Research with the Buzz Club with Yanet Sepulveda
  5. Keeping the Spark Alive: Volunteer Retention in Citizen Science with Dr Linda Birkin
  6. Panel Discussion with Prof Dave Goulson

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