Course: British Bats, their Ecology and Conservation

Bat Conservation Trust

19th June 2023

Cost: £108

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

"Really useful, a perfect foundation course, accessible and BCT were brilliant in the delivery of it." 2021 Participant

This six-part online course is designed for those new to bats and wanting to develop a broader understanding of the species we have here in the UK, their ecology and lifestyle, the threats they face and the conservation actions being taken to protect them.

Session are live, weekly, lunchtime workshops lasting 60-90 minutes online with opportunities to interact with the tutors on Zoom and ask your questions. 

  • Session 1 - What is a bat? (introducing common and soprano pipistrelles)
  • Session 2 - Flight (introducing the big bats, Daubenton's bat and the Nathusius' pipistrelle)
  • Session 3 - Echolocation (introducing our horseshoe bats and the whispering bats)
  • Session 4 - Roosts and habitats (introducing the woodland specialists)
  • Session 5 - Diet and habitats (introducing other myotis bats)
  • Session 6 - Threats and Conservation

You can book individual sessions for £20 or the course for £108, £5 discount for BCT members.

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