Average salary

Across all of the jobs advertised on the environmentjob.co.uk website in 2020 the average salary was £29,583, this compares to an average of £28,844 in 2019. That's an increase of 2.56%.

Here's how that average compares to previous years:

Salary by sector

How do wages across sectors compare? And were the average salary increases similar in all sectors?

Although all broadly environmental, the sectors we cover are quite different in terms of the types of jobs available. For instance the Conservation & Wildlife sector includes far more outdoor and hands-on jobs than the Carbon, Climate & Energy sector. This has an effect on salaries because outdoor jobs tend to be less well paid.

The best paid sector in 2020 was Environmental Policy & Campaigning with an average salary of £35,728. Here's a chart of pay across our sectors for 2019 & 2020

Salary by region

The best paid region has to be London hasn't it? The average salary in London was £30,846 but in Northern Ireland it was £34,087. Quite a surprising result! What is happening here? Northern Ireland is the region with the least job postings by far - only 59 in 2020. We think that the move to working from home has meant that lots of vacancies are advertised as "UK-wide", which includes Northern Ireland. These home working vacancies tend to be better paid, pushing up the average quite bit in a region where there are fewer postings - the perils of small data!

Overall, very similar average salaries across the UK.

Salary by organisation type

How do salaries compare across organisation type? Quite a range, with vacancies working for a business averaging £28,039 and universities averaging £34,252.

Best paid jobs in 2020

Finally, it's always interesting to see the best paid jobs in any sector and so we have listed 2020's highest payers.

This list  comes with a large caveat, most ads for really well paid jobs don't state the salary, they will usually be advertised as "Competitive salary" or similar and is often open to negotiation.

With this in mind, here are are 2020's top five highest paying vacancies where the salary was stated on the ad.

Executive Director, TRAFFIC, Cambridge, £95,000 – £115,000 pa
Director of Science, ZSL London Zoo, Cambridge, £95,000 - £105,000 pa inclusive of London Weighting
Chief Executive Officer, British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), Thetford, Norfolk, £75,000 - £85,000 dependent on experience +11% employer pension contribution
Director of Science, RSPB, Flexible (UK), £72,830 - £81,467 pa
Chief Executive, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Preston, Lancashire, Up to £75,000 pa

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Data crunched by Steve @flumesmedia